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Courses designed to help you deepen your

therapy and hypnotherapy practice,

and/or self-understanding. 



This training is designed for anyone looking to deepen their personal or professional understanding of Parts Therapy. 


After completing this training you will feel confident in your ability to handle complex Parts Therapy situations and support clients with ease while helping them change their lives.


I have over 15 years of experience in the fields of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, corporate consulting, LCSW supervision, and teaching and distilled it into 2.5 of understandable and effective training. 


After attending this training you will:


  • Know practical tips that you can implement immediately with your clients

  • Understand which part to work with first and the methodology behind how to decide

  • Be aware of how to get creative when doing Parts Therapy to receive even better results for your clients

  • Feel competent in dealing with the multitude of concerns clients naturally bring

  • Be self-assured in your ability to handle the endless Parts Therapy situations you might encounter with a client


Parts Therapy can be intimidating, even for seasoned practitioners, thus, I designed this course to be helpful for any practitioner. 


Whether you’re just starting your practice or if you’ve been working with clients for decades, this training will give you the extended knowledge you need to serve your clients with confidence — this is more than a basic overview or review. 


Within the training you will receive real life examples and solutions for common situations you will come across while doing Parts Therapy or Inner Child Work with clients. 


The training format is easy to understand — I want you to spend your time learning, not battling with your computer, trying to understand industry jargon, or waiting for unhelpful videos to load.  


I have made the enrollment price affordable at $99 USD because anyone should be able to access deeper learning to improve their practice and business. 


To put it simply - this training will give you a practical, usable understanding of Parts Therapy, and leave you feeling confident, calm and collected as you guide clients through their successful sessions.


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