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I believe therapy is based on the relationship between therapist and client where the client is the expert on their own lives.  My goal is to provide a collaborative, non-judgmental space where clients can work to discover areas of their lives where they would like to change, grow, and gently uncover their true selves. 


Often, issues arise in the therapeutic environment (between client and therapist) that are also occurring in your life, and we experiment together to find new ways of being and interacting in the world.  My training and background is in Gestalt, somatic (body-oriented), and relational orientations, which are based on the premise of person-in-environment, meaning that our identities are shaped by the environment we are in. Therefore, I also integrate into my work with clients, what is happening at societal, environmental, and cultural levels.


Therapy can, at times, seem difficult and overwhelming. I encourage each client to go at their own pace to ensure they feel they have found a safe place to truly explore their individuality.  My work is trauma informed and consent based.  I intend to work together to get to know the uniqueness inherent in each client without making assumptions.  


My personal background is something I bring with me into the therapeutic space and therefore feel that it is important to identify myself and my social location.  I am a white, queer, GNC-femme person (she/her/hers pronouns), middle class, able-bodied, Buddhist, child-free by choice, average sized, neuroatypical, U.S. citizen.  I invite work with clients and supervisees to include conversations around how our own social locations impact our lives and relationships. 


I have extensive training in grief and loss, trauma, body image issues, divorce, relationship issues, illness, anxiety, depression, LGBTQ* related issues, somatic therapy, EMDR, Trans-allyship, anti-oppression and developmental trauma.  I am a fat-positive, poly-friendly, kink-aware and alternative lifestyle friendly therapist.  



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