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I loved my time in supervision with Kelly. She has direct experience in the field in which I currently work, which was a huge asset to our sessions, and allowed more time for processing and support. She has a heart of gold, and never missed an opportunity to remind me of my worth or encourage me to relish in my victories, whether big or small. She also wasn't afraid to challenge me, and help me identify areas where I can grow and do more for myself and my patients. We spent our sessions processing tough cases, exploring new techniques, focusing on career development, and discussing readings/films of both her and my choosing. One of my favorite parts of supervision with Kelly was when she would incorporate somatic exercises or guided meditations. She encompassed a holistic approach to her work that I found refreshing and practical.


I will always feel grateful to have had time developing a clinical foundation with Kelly as a guide. I have so many thoughts... I think one of the biggest things I took away from working with Kelly, was insight into my tendency (and the tendency of so many people drawn to a profession like social work) to ‘pick up what’s not mine’... to do other people’s work for them, to fix things that aren’t my responsibility, to help in ways that might alleviate tension in the short term, when that tension was actually needed to serve a purpose that might help in the long-run. Not that I do this perfectly, but that foundation of healthy boundaries has been so helpful to me in my new position (and I think it sets me apart from some of my colleagues in a way that I’m really proud of). Also. Kelly's group structure is onnnnnnnn point. The current group I’m in is kind of a disaster - definitely makes me miss her leadership!


As a clinical supervisor, Kelly is the epitome of leading by example. She modeled what being a good clinician means throughout our sessions, providing me with so many ‘a-ha’ moments where the theory and content I had learned in school was embodied within our supervisory relationship. She held space for me and my work in a way that I now try to emulate for my patients. I felt validated, seen, and supported, while also being challenged to grow as a clinician and held accountable for maintaining healthy boundaries with colleagues, supervisors, and patients. She managed to be both highly professional in terms of organization, structure, and scheduling, while cultivating an intimate and genuine space where her supervisees could be their truest selves. She had a strong foundation of knowledge of medical social work and end-of-life/grief counseling, and her Gestalt background was so helpful in our meetings. Kelly held space for my feelings, my stress, and my anxieties, and helped me develop into a more confident, skilled clinician. I can’t recommend her highly enough. 

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