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Psychotherapy Client

Kelly has been great to work with so far. She has been very responsive, kind and considerate of all of the things that I have brought up to talk to her about.  I wasn't sure how I would feel about therapy but Kelly has done a great job of providing me counsel, resources and suggestions on how to improve things that we have discussed.  I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for help, especially regarding stress, anxiety, lgbt related issues, relationship, family, and self esteem.


Psychotherapy Client

Kelly helped me tremendously. I was at a very low point in my life when we first started talking and she has helped me to understand why I had been feeling like this, and how to help myself out of this kind of situation in the future.
Kelly is an excellent therapist, I cannot recommend her highly enough!


Psychotherapy Client

Kelly 's kind, intuitive, and gentle guidance has been such a gift to me! I've seen therapists and counselors throughout my life and I was skeptical about doing therapy again at this point in my life, but my experience with Kelly has been uplifting and wonderful. She is guiding me with an open-heart and well informed manner. I feel incredibly comfortable sharing things with her and never feel pressure to be or do anything that I'm not ready to do.


Hypnotherapy Client

Kelly is so warm and understanding!  My sessions with her were ostensibly for weight loss, but the weight was related to so many other things, including a previous sexual assault and unwanted attention.  About 5 weeks later, I'm down a pant size, and still losing!  My relationship with food is so much healthier and I'm making time for exercise that feeds my body and soul.  I also feel my boundaries are completely reinforced. I feel safe in my body as I continue to lose weight.  This is the fastest I've seen results after years of struggling with these intertwined issues.  I know I'm making the progress I've craved for so long.  I'm so glad I invested in myself and am making necessary changes.

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